This is our awesome team.

Alberto Cetoli

Research Engineer

PhD in Comp. Physics at Umeå University and researcher at NZ Institute for Advanced Studies. Formerly of Qlik and founder of NLUlite. Researcher in intelligent machines and NLP

Andy O'Harney

Co-Founder & Research Engineer

CS and ML MSci at University of Glasgow. Research engineer in computational neuroscience at Medical Research Council and Medical University of South Carolina

Chris Ashby

Software Engineer

MEng Engineering at University of Cambridge. Formerly worked on task assistance founding SalesSift, TaskPipes, and Slate on accelerators such as Y Combinator and Entrepreneur First

Emily Sappington

VP of Product

Interaction Design MDes from Carnegie Mellon, BFA from Parsons School for Design, and BA in Psychology from Eugene Lang College. Former UX Designer II at Microsoft in Redmond, working on Cortana & Natural Language tasks across devices

Marc Sloan

Co-Founder & CEO

PhD in Information Retrieval at UCL, author of Dynamic Information Retrieval Modeling, former Microsoft Research. Programme reviewer for top IR conferences such as SIGIR

Mohammad Akbari

UCL Research Postdoc

PhD Integrative Sciences and Engineering National University of Singapore. UCL Postdoc collaboration partner on task based information retrieval and evaluation.

Stefano Bragaglia

VP of Data Architecture

PhD in AI from University of Bologna. Researcher in Knowledge Representation and reasoning, Logic, and Graphs. Review Editorial Board of Frontiers in Computational Intelligence



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And our scientific advisory board.

Jun Wang

UCL Research Partner

Prof. Wang is Chair of Data Science in CS at UCL and Director of MSc Web Science and Big Data Analytics. He also founded and is the Chief Scientist at MediaGamma and a technical advisor to Last.Fm, Microsoft, Yahoo!, and Alibaba

Louis Monier

Enterprise Search and Deep Learning

Louis was founder of the Altavista search engine which was acquired by Yahoo. He went on to senior positions at Google, Ebay, and He is now head of the AI Lab at Airbnb

Ricardo Baeza-Yates

IR Research

Ricardo co-authored the best-selling book 'Modern Information Retrieval'. He was VP of research at Yahoo Labs for over 10 years, leading teams in the US, Europe, and South America. He is now CTO of NTENT

Our Investors.

Entrepreneur First

Entrepreneur First is Europe's leading pre-seed investment programme for technical founders. It is where the most ambitious technologists come to build their startups

Epsiode 1

Episode are a dynamic venture team helping daring entrepreneurs create the future - and master the journey from Seed to Series A. Their porfolio includes companies like Shazam, Lovefilm, and Zoopla

Delin Capital

Delin are an innovative, evolving business with a small, tight-knit team of highly successful and experienced professionals, with a particular interest in next generation web search

Wendy Tan White

Wendy is a serial entrepreneur, co-founder of Moonfruit, and general partner of Entrepreneur First. She is a board trusteee for the Alan Turing Institute, member of Government Digital Advisory Board, Board of TechCity UK, Imperial College Industrial Liaison Board, Board Dyson School of Design Engineering

Nicolas Berggruen

aka 'the homeless billionaire' Nicolas is a philanthropist and investor. At the age of 17 he started out as investor before going on to build his fortune in NY. He later started the Berggruen institute which deals with issues such as the philosophy and culture of governance

Charlie Songhurst

Charlie started as an analysis at Mckinsey where he focused on the emergence of Google and the growth of the search industry. Following Google's IPO he ran strategy at Microsoft, leading their acquisition of Skype. He now runs Katana Capital

Joe White

Joe White is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor, and co-founder of Moonfruit - the first SaaS website builder. He is now a general partner at Entreprenuer First

Nadav Rosenberg

Nadav started as a strategy consultant and McKinsey before becoming a founding member of Groupon UK. He later became GM for Taboola Europe and Australia.

Phil Wilkinson

In 1998 Phil started Kelkoo, the UK's first online price comparison website, out of his university bedroom - later selling it to yahoo. He has since gone on to become a serial investor and mentor in the startup world