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Segwit is coming August 1st With BIP148 activating Segwit, and miners on board with Segwit2x (Which increases compatibility with BIP148) I feel the whole energy of consensus has just shifted to a positive direction for Bitcoin.

Segwit is Coming! (What is Segwit?)If you cannot get your head around the Bitcoin commotion, here’s your Bitcoin August 1st update on the potential split. Let’s start from where it all has begun- SegWit. What Is SegWit. Otherwise known as Segregated Witness, SegWit is here to update the network’s code and open the doors for future improvements, such as transaction speed. Without getting into too many details, the biggest.

Announcement about SegWit activation on August 1st 25-07-2017 . Due to planned activation of SegWit on August 1st, we would like to inform you that BitBay wallets are compatible with SegWit, which means our clients’ funds are safe and there’s no need to withdraw them from the exchange accounts.The exception would be a situation when you would like to have control over Bitcoin ABC.


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Initially, the flag date for the SegWit activation was set for October 1 but was later moved to August 1. Did UASF Work in Activating Segwit? Yes and no. The activation of SegWit is a long story. You can say that the UASF as a concept was substantial in speeding up in the adoption of the blockchain update, but it was not specifically the BIP 148 that triggered the activation. For the beginning.