Meme Origins

2 maart 2017.

Ik ontvang de nieuwsbrief van Business Insider en berichten van partners op het gebied van personal finance. Een gedetailleerde omschrijving.

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13 Jan 2018.

Have you ever paused mid-scroll to wonder where hilarious Singaporean memes like Win Liao Lor came from? We trace the historical origins.

The Origins of Memes31 Dec 2015.

Country of origin regulations for meat changed in December 2015, but the scope of that bill has been misconstrued on social media.

10 Aug 2016.

This was the origin of the now infamous Crying Jordan meme which is so often utilized on social media when mishaps happen publicly.

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For fans of ‘Dragon Ball Super’ and Goku’s eternal ability to supersede his previous techniques, his Ultra Instinct variant.

10 Jan 2018.

Meme's Best Friend: The Rise of 'Doggo'.

of “DoggoSpeak,” a specialized vernacular used primarily in memes extolling the cuteness of dogs.

First, there was the ‘can I speak to the manager’ Karen. Then came the blonde bob Karen. Followed by racist Karen, soccer mum.

2 Oct 2013.

In considering the primeval soup of “replicators” responsible for the origin of all life, he casts human culture as a different kind of “primeval soup”.

Lilly Wachowski, the codirector of "The Matrix," insulted Musk and Trump after they used the "red pill" reference from her.