Bitcoin Setgenerate

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Solo mining with setgenerate true set generate true -1 getinfo and getmininginfo. How to solo mine Bitcoins and Altcoins. For new altcoins solo mining is still.

Setgenerate true +1 FINAL13 Feb 2018.

I believe you can still use the generate and generatetoaddress commands to mine a certain number of blocks. setgenerate was removed in.

setgenerate <true|false> <number of cores to be used>. To start mining with only 1 core, type setgenerate true 1 : Fig. 2.1: Starting mining in Bitcoin Core.

23 Aug 2016.

Without security updates, using a bitcoin wallet on a XP machine is.

The overall result of this is that setgenerate RPC call has been removed,

23 Sep 2018.

bitcoin-cli generatetoaddress 1 $(bitcoin-cli getnewaddress).

2015 in #5957, not in 2010. Before that time there were setgenerate and friends.